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If your calling is in off-road cycling, we have just the right partner for you in our range of Montra mountain bikes. We completely understand the thrill you seek in riding the unpaved roads or the exciting mountain trails, and so we have designed the perfect machine that can stand all you put it through, and follow you where your cycling urges take you. Our mountain bikes are engineered and tested to deliver in every situation, and designed to do so with style. With Montra, mountain biking in India with will be an experience to remember. The range we give you uses the best technologies and cycling innovations in the world, and each bike model has been manufactured to have a unique personality. All you have to do is pick your choice ride and take on the challenges as they come. We guarantee that with Montra Mountain bikes, your passion for cycling in India will reach new heights.



Price: ₹ 13,400/-

MONTRA ROCK 1.0 – 2015


Price: ₹ 15,500/-

MONTRA ROCK 1.1 – 2015


Price: ₹ 20,500/-

MONTRA ROCK 1.1D – 2015


Price: ₹ 22,000/-

MONTRA ROCK 650B MD – 2015


Price: ₹ 36,000/-

MONTRA ROCK 650B HD – 2015


Price: ₹ 45,000/-