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The city is as exciting as the countryside, and all it takes to prove that right is a ride on a Montra Road Bike. With engineering coming from experts who know both, the nuances of cycling, and the challenges of riding the Indian roads, Montra gives you the best road bikes in India. Our road bikes have lightweight aluminium frames and Montra precision design known for an intuitive responsiveness. Every rider needs a trustworthy ride. Choose the Montra bike that suits you the best, and you will understand that when we say Montra is your ideal companion, we mean business. Be it your first road bike to enter the world of pro cycling in India, or be it the right bike for your next race, your Montra will never fail to deliver. If being a road cyclist is your preferred lifestyle, trust Montra road bikes to help you realise your dream.



Price: ₹ 23,500/-

MONTRA CELTIC 2.1 – 2015


Price: ₹ 33,000/-

MONTRA CELTIC 2.2 – 2015


Price: ₹ 39,900/-