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Our sole aim is to bring out the rider in you, and for that we are constantly involved in innovations and designing. This section is all about our legacy and and efforts towards promoting cycling in India, and our experience with passionate cyclists who live the Montra spirit.

Whether it’s riding to work every day to beat the city traffic, to burn off the extra calories or to break away from mundanity of off-road adventures, Montra offers you an outstanding range of high-end bikes. Sturdily built to take on any terrain, these bikes are made to suit the needs of the urban rider. On par with international performance biking standards and designed according to Indian anthropometry, Montra introduced India’s first carbon frame bike, the Montra Techno. In early 2012, Montra launched the first titanium bike in the country, the Montra Country Titanium. With a host of ground-breaking innovations to improve every ride, Montra empowers you to believe. Hop on for a thrilling biking experience like never before. With Montra, riding is believing.


With the look and power of an off-roader, these adventure-driven range of bicycles let you be in control no matter the terrain. Its light weight construction is specially designed for endurance and competence. Fitting gear combinations enable the rider to navigate at high speeds and overcome climbs with ease. It has the best handling in its segment and is the most versatile bicycle in the market.


A perfect mixture of fitness and fun. For those who want a hybrid bicycle for both in city and the open road, this range of cycles is your game. Its light weight construction, suitable gearing, quick and solid handling makes it an ideal choice capable of handling the city and all its obstacles with ease.


This robust range of bikes can tackle mountain trails, fire roads, logging roads, and other unpaved environments. Mountain bikes are built to handle rocky terrains and the obstacles that are found in it, like jumps, vertical drop offs, and small boulders. So if you are in the mood for an off-road adventure, these are the bikes you need.


Learning to ride a bicycle is an important milestone in any kid’s life. In many ways it builds confidence and opens up a new world of excitement. Our trendy range of children’s bikes will surely keep your kid super active all day. From child-friendly features to vibrant designs, your tiny tot will be on top of the world when riding our kids’ range of cycles.


Track and Trail is a one-stop-shop for performance bikes in India from international brands like Bianchi, Montra, Cannondale, Ducati, GT, Mongoose, and Schwinn. It is a holistic platform where we celebrate a passion for riding and bring together the latest innovations in bikes and biking accessories for you. We believe not just in manufacturing bicycles, but in creating a cycling lifestyle and our bicycle cafes are hubs where the riders and riders-to-be meet, interact and discuss their passion for cycling. Ride with us now and be a part of the cycling cult in India!